Boom City

by Pragmatic Play

As a new style of live entertainment game shows, Boom City uses a grid of 36 squares in rows of six stacked on each other with two coloured dice determining the winning square. On the grid, there are various prize squares, bonus round squares, bust squares and power-up squares leading to wins of up to 20,000x the stake.

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9 out of 10
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Boom City Facts & Stats

Release date: 27th Jul 2022 Provider: Pragmatic Play
Game type: Dice Game category: Game Shows
RTP: 96.43 Max payout: 20,000x stake
Min bet: 0.10 Max bet: 5000.00
Special bets: No Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Boom City?

When people think of live casino games, they often think of Sweet Bonanza Candyland or Mega Sic Bo. No one could’ve predicted a combination of the two in the ingenious Boom City from Pragmatic Play. This live casino game plays on a grid of 6x6 with players placing bets across 36 squares with wins awarded through the roll of two different dice.

During the game, there are two different phases with the first placing the bets and the second being the roll of the dice. When the two dice roll, players can then land cash prizes, enchanted winnings through a power-up or a bonus game. The bonus games include Dice Battles, Lucky Drop Bonuses or Boom or Bust Bonus rounds.

This game brings in a new gambling mechanic that the world has never seen before! Boom City is filled with specially trained hosts with a live casino game that combines a television show with video games to create something truly immersive and unique.

How to play Boom City?

In Boom City, all bets must be placed during the betting time and players must wait until the message ‘Please, Place Your Bets’ appears. Once this appears, players select the value of the chip to wager and place it on the appropriate bet. After this moment, the host announces that the bets are closed and bets are not accepted after this.

The game then starts with the launch of both the two dice shakers with each die roll outcome representing a line on the wall. Each of the dice is coloured code with one in yellow and one in blue. The yellow dice determine the vertical line on the screen, whilst the blue represents the horizontal line.

In the game, there are multiple outcomes with the dice. Firstly, players can land cash values that are instantly awarded. There is also a Power-Up square that adds in multipliers to increase the values. Players can also land on the Bust Square which will award nothing and the game will

Amazingly, there are three different bonus rounds in this game with Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust.

Dice Battle

This bonus round transports players to a special screen where there are two different sides - gold and blue. Players must decide on which colour they want and there are three rolls during this bonus round. The colour with the highest value is named the victor and awarded. However, it’s worth mentioning that in the event of a tie, both sides receive the same payout.

Lucky Drop

When this is activated, players will be taken to a grid of 6 columns with each representing one of the numbers on a dice. At the top of each column are four multipliers tacked with the lowest at 10x and the highest at 200x. Players must pick one of the dice numbers as the column and two dice get rolled three times.

Boom or Bust

When players hit this bonus game, it’s all about the risk and reward. The game uses gold dice and a new grid with each column representing the numbers on the die from 1 to 6. Every row contains a mixture of multipliers and bust squares.

Ultimately, the aim is the climb up the rows and not land on the bust square. Each of the rows contains level-up squares which move up rows and even a hyper square that jumps up to the top. As players move up, they have the chance to cash out or continue for the biggest wins.

Is Boom City worth playing?

Boom City is definitely nothing like any of the other live casino games from Pragmatic Play or any of the dice games for that matter. It feels like a completely original concept that is easy to pick up and play but is still entertaining to play.

In our experience, all of the hosts were incredibly charismatic and a delight to watch. It almost felt like we were getting our own private show to the game show as the hosts are extremely interactive with the chat. All of the hosts are also suave and well-dressed with tasteful clothes that fit in with the vibrant background of a city in the distance.

Throughout bets, there is a tense techno track playing which definitely builds up the atmosphere. Thankfully, it’s not too overwhelming and the host continues to stand out as the dominant audio.

With straightforward gameplay, big wins of up to 20,000x the stake and fantastic hosts, Boom City is an unmissable experience that is ideal for players looking for something new and refreshing.

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