Quantum Blackjack

by Playtech

Take a trip into outer-space in this science themed live casino game show title developed by Playtech. This exciting variant of live casino blackjack has random multipliers that give players the opportunity to win 1000x their initial stake.

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Quantum Blackjack Facts & Stats

Release date: 1st Dec 2019 Provider: Playtech
Game type: Blackjack Game category: Immersive
RTP: 99.47% Max payout: N/A
Min bet: £1 Max bet: £50
Special bets: Yes Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Quantum Blackjack?

Quantum Blackjack is a groundbreaking new immersive live casino game from Playtech that completely changes the landscape of live casino blackjack by adding multipliers into the mix.

The various RNG generated multipliers make this game well worth playing ahead of any normal live blackjack game, however, what makes this game so appealing to blackjack enthusiasts the potential to get a x1000 multiplier. Anyone lucky enough to pull three cards that have x10 multipliers applied will more than reap the rewards.

As is to be expected from a game in the Quantum series, the studio and table have been given the same science themed makeover as sister game Quantum Roulette, expect blue neon lighting, stars, wormholes and atoms. 

How do you play Quantum Blackjack?

Quantum Blackjack is a game that allows an unlimited number of players to play in one seat at once as opposed to traditional 7 seat blackjack. 

The cards the dealer deals players are fed directly into a hopper, the players are instead shown a computer generated image of the cards on screen rather than physically on the table, this allows different players to make different decisions as the hand progresses.

Before each hand up to three Quantum Cards are randomly generated on a screen behind the dealer, these have random multipliers applied to them, that could be x3, x5 and x10. 

Betting options

Players can choose to play traditional blackjack playing against the dealer, however, there are two optional side bets that can be bet on at the same time as the main hand.

These bets are popular as they don’t rely on the outcome of the main hand in order to pay out. The two side bets are commonly found in several variations of blackjack, 21 + 3 and Player Pair. 

21 + 3 sees the player’s first two cards and the dealers first card combined, if they form a valid three card poker hand then the player wins a certain amount based on the hand. 

Player Pair is when the two cards dealt form a mixed pair, coloured pair or perfect pair.

There are two important things to note when playing Quantum Blackjack. Firstly, a player’s hand pushes when dealer busts with 3 cards. Secondly,  when players win a hand that includes a multiplied card your initial stake is NOT returned.

The reason behind these rules are to keep the house edge so that they can afford to offer players such lucrative multipliers on a regular basis. 

Quantum Blackjack Paytable

Main Bet

  • Blackjack - 3.298/2
  • Winning Hand - 1.999/1
  • Dealer busts with 3 cards - Push
  • Insurance - 2/1

21 + 3 

  • Suited Three of a Kind - 100/1 
  • Straight Flush - 40/1
  • Three of a Kind - 30/1 
  • Straight - 10/1 
  • Flush - 5/1

Player Pair 

  • Perfect Pair - 25/1 
  • Coloured Pair - 12/1
  • Mixed Pair - 6/1
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