Live Slots Live Casino Game Shows

This fantastic new genre combines the thrill of spinning slot reels alongside the glamour of playing in a game show setting. Whilst still in their infancy, live slots are going to be a powerhouse of the live casino game show landscape.

The next big innovation in online slots

The live slot landscape might look quite barren right now as only Playtech are the only developers to have launched a live slot game, Buffalo Blitz Live... However, don't be deceived by the lack of titles, online slot developers from around the world will have certainly taken note of this huge new release. 

There's no denying it, there are still a few creases to iron out in order to create the perfect live slot game, but mark our words, these games are going to be huge in the not so-distant future!

Whether it be the charismatic live host that leads the game, reacts to huge multipliers, wilds and wins, the impressive studio setting, or the unique community feel, there's something special about playing live slot games.  

Everybody's Jackpot Live Host

Everybody's Jackpot Live


Step into the TV studio of Everybody’s Jackpot Live which delivers exciting features in the form of two live jackpots as well as four fun-filled mini-games such as Free Games, Walter’s Bubble Bar, Pick Me and The Block.

Based on the popular online slot, this live adaptation brings in a wonderful host to guide players throughout to deliver an experience unlike any other. Everybody’s Jackpot Live is the perfect game for jackpot hunters wanting a live casino game experience.

Buffalo Blitz Live Slots Host

Buffalo Blitz Live Slots


Does the thrill of spinning the reels get your heart racing? Playtech have expertly combined one of the all-time great slot games, Buffalo Blitz with the excitement, glamour and glitz of live casino game shows to create one of the most hotly anticipated live releases to date, Buffalo Blitz Live.

A live presenter stands alongside a huge screen displaying the potentially lucrative 6 reels, they’ll intermittently hit an inviting large red button that sets them spinning for a set number of spins. What makes this game so special is that everyone wins together, a live chat feature helps create a sense of community amongst online slot enthusiasts. 

Crazy Coin Flip Host

Crazy Coin Flip


Live casino games have become increasingly popular amongst enthusiasts but there are still those waiting for the perfect blend of online slots and live casino games. Evolution has the solution with Crazy Coin Flip which combines the best of RNG slots with live games for a truly unique experience.

In Crazy Coin Flip, you spin the reels just like any other slot in hopes of landing three scatters to trigger the live Coin Flip bonus with entertainment guaranteed. The real excitement begins when the game host pulls the level to flip the coin to determine the winning side - red or blue.