Immersive Live Casino Game Shows

Try out these immersive live casino games that have taken traditional titles and turned them on their head, adopting exciting new features to make them stand out from the crowd.

Spice up your live casino experience

Here at Lucky Game Shows we often refer to some of our live casino game show games as 'immersive games', these are live casino games that deliver a bit more glitz, glamour and substance than your ordinary run-of-the-mill title.

You can expect to find immersive games filled to the brim with lucrative features such as multipliers, unique side bets you wouldn't normally find in similar games and of course a live chat feature that lets you interact with other players. 

The only thing that truly separates immersive titles from live casino game show games is the fact that these titles tend to mirror traditional games, albeit with fancier features and the presenter is much more focused on the game at hand, as opposed to the live game show presenter who first and foremost is there to entertain the players.

Football Studio Host

Football Studio

Evolution Gaming

Are you a football fanatic? Evolution Gaming has taken the concept of higher or lower and created an engaging variant of this simple game that caters perfectly for the modern-day football fan.

A dealer with expert football knowledge engages players in football chat, all whilst leading a card game in which players must pick a side to bet on, home or away. 

Regardless of who you support and what league you follow, the dealer will have something to say about it! On a match day you can join hundreds of fans in-game following all the of day's matches and goals as they fly in.

Side Bet City Host

Side Bet City

Evolution Gaming

Looking for a new and exciting way to play poker? Look no further than Side Bet City from Evolution Gaming, this unique eighties themed poker game truly is the best in the business in terms of entertainment,

The premise of this game is incredibly simply, a live game presenter deals 7 cards and players can bet on whether they think there will be 3-card poker hand, 5-card poker hand, 7-card poker hand or nothing at all. 

The stronger the hand, the higher the payout, so keep an eye out for that lucrative Royal Flush, landing this hand on a 5-card payout returns 1000x your stake.

Kingdoms Rise All Bets Blackjack Host

Kingdoms Rise All Bets Blackjack


Kingdom's Rise All Bets Blackjack takes Playtech's hottest new online slot game series and brings it to a brand new audience within the live online casino scene. This heavily branded fantasy blackjack variant is filled with unique features that makes it stand out amongst other live blackjack games.

Quantum Blackjack Host

Quantum Blackjack


Playtech revolutionised the live casino blackjack landscape when adding Quantum Blackjack to casinos across the Internet. This gripping science-themed title sees the addition of huge multipliers that could potentially end up with players winning 1000x their initial stake. 

Not content with just offering players multipliers Playtech have also thrown in a number of exciting side bets to this 7 seat table for good measure, side bets include: 21 + 3 which brings a three card poker element to the table and Player Pair which rewards those who pull matching cards. 

If you’re a fan of live casino games from Playtech then Quantum Blackjack is a must play title.

All Bets Blackjack Host

All Bets Blackjack


Looking for a completely new way to play Vegas-rules blackjack? Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack puts power in the hands of an unlimited number of players, giving them six unique betting options rather than the traditional choice of just a main bet and pairs.

This game has an RTP of 99.58%, offers odds of up to 2000/1 on certain bet-types and the ability to benefit from the dealer’s cards. This exciting, social and immersive live casino blackjack game is well worth your time if you like variety and a healthy dose of social interaction mixed into your gameplay.

Age Of The Gods Roulette Host

Age Of The Gods Roulette


Age of the Gods Roulette brings everyone's favourite online slot game series to life in this fantastic immersive live casino game.

Not only have Playtech designed a fantastic roulette game that throws you into a unique fantasy world themed around ancient gods and mythology, but they have created a game rife with big win potential, offering players the opportunity to win one of four progressive jackpots.

Spread Bet Roulette Host

Spread Bet Roulette


Want to play classic live casino roulette with some brand new mechanics thrown into the mix? Spread Bet Roulette is an immersive variation of this timeless game that brings a brand new game-show style element into play that completely revolutionises live casino roulette.

An additional digital roulette wheel accompanies the physical main game wheel, upon being spun the winning number on the additional wheel is added to the winning number on the physical wheel. These numbers added together make a spread bet total. 

Players can either individually bet on 7 different spread betting options or bet on these alongside their standard straight up bets with payouts ranging from evens (1/1) to 400/1.