Dragon Tiger Live

by Pragmatic Play

An exciting, fast-paced game that is sure to appeal to players across the world bringing a beloved Asian classic to life. Dragon Tiger Live is a multi-player card game with the objective being to bet on which card has the highest value either being the dragon or the tiger. An easy to learn game that’s fast-paced and a big hit with new players and high rollers.

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Rated 3.75 / 5
7.5 out of 10
7.5 out of 10
7.5 out of 10
7 out of 10
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8 out of 10

Dragon Tiger Live Facts & Stats

Release date: 27th Apr 2021 Provider: Pragmatic Play
Game type: Card Games Game category: Immersive
RTP: 96.27% Max payout: 50x stake/£20,000
Min bet: 1.00 Max bet: 10,000
Special bets: Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Dragon Tiger Live?

Featuring no jokers or wildcards, Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced card game that’s popular across the world with origins from Cambodia. Whilst Dragon Tiger may seem intense, it’s about as simple as gambling gets as two cards are dealt and you predict the outcome.

Pragmatic Play decided to release a live casino version of the game with Dragon Tiger Live in April 2021. This game is played using a 52 deck of cards with no jokers dealt from a blackjack shoe which holds a total of eight decks.

All the aces are low in Dragon Tiger whilst picture cards are high with only two cards drawn during the gameplay. It’s essentially a battle between the dragon and the tiger with the player guessing the outcome. For example, the goal might be to guess who will have the winning hand and that’s about it.

How to play Dragon Tiger Live?

To start the game, you need to select a bet amount and click your choice of dragon, tiger, tie or suited tie. After this, the dealer will deal one card that will be burned followed by 2 other cards with the 1st being the dragon side and the 2nd being the tiger side.

Once the betting time is over, the dealer will reveal the 2 cards dealt with the dragon and the tiger. After the cards have been revealed, then the game round will be over with the highest value card winning. If they are equal, then the game round is a tie.

On the game interface, you’ll notice the winning bets highlighted on the field with the wins returned to players. As soon as the round is finished, then the dealer will collect the open cards on the table and place them in the discard and open bets for the next round.

The optimal return to player is 96.27% for dragon and tiger but the tie is 89.64% and the suited tie is 86.02%.

Dragon Tiger Live Roadmaps

The trends in Dragon Tiger Live are similar to Baccarat as there are recorded on ‘roads’ which are pictorial representations of the results of the shoe in play. They help players to assess the history of the game, predict future results and identify trends.

Ultimately, there are five traditional roads available in Dragon Tiger Live which include:

  • The Big Road
  • Big Eye Boy
  • The Small Road
  • The Cockroach Road
  • The Bead Plate

In a nutshell, these roadmaps show the pattern of the cards which have been dealt which can be useful in deciding the likelihood of future cards. Dragon Tiger Live is primarily a game all about luck but it can be helpful for players to read these before starting. The roadmaps can be found in the game help section or you can click the ‘ask dragon’ or ‘ask tiger’ section at the bottom of the screen to additional predictions.

Is Dragon Tiger Live worth playing?

The overall presentation of Dragon Tiger Live is a respectable one that focuses on simple things whilst retaining elegance. In terms of gameplay, it’s easy to pick up and play with each game lasting less than a minute.

It’s clear that Pragmatic Play has gone for an oriental style in terms of design to fit the origins of the game. You’ll often find a beautiful woman with black hair, red lipstick and a red cheongsam to fit with the aesthetic. The presenter is well-mannered and polite throughout with no real interaction with the audience.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are looking for a card game that focuses on the game itself without any ridiculous distractions such as the weather or the latest trend. However, it should be said that the lack of ambient music can make some moments seem a little awkward. It’s good that there’s a focus on the game but a little something extra, such as an instrumental track, would’ve made the experience even better.

We definitely recommend trying out Dragon Tiger Live if you love simple card games that cut out all fluff that you get in extravagant live casino games. Dragon Tiger Live is a game that is for players who want to focus on the enjoyment of the game itself with no unnecessary distractions.

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