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Want to play a simple, yet highly entertaining live casino game show game? These immersive Hi Lo titles are not only easy to learn, but they're incredibly fun to play and offer players the chance to win big despite their simplicity.

What are Live Casino Card Game Shows?

Live casino game game show style card games are still in their infancy, currently there are only a couple of popular titles that have captured the imaginations of players.

These are Evolution Gaming title Football Studio and Playtech title Hi-Lo Live (Also referred to as Hi-Lo Club).

Both games are variants of the classic card game higher or lower. The rules are simple, players must predict whether the next card pulled from a large deck of cards is going to be higher, lower or the same as the last card pulled.

These games often offer side bets which enhance your odds, these include predicting the suit and colour of the card.

Football Studio Host

Football Studio

Evolution Gaming

Are you a football fanatic? Evolution Gaming has taken the concept of higher or lower and created an engaging variant of this simple game that caters perfectly for the modern-day football fan.

A dealer with expert football knowledge engages players in football chat, all whilst leading a card game in which players must pick a side to bet on, home or away. 

Regardless of who you support and what league you follow, the dealer will have something to say about it! On a match day you can join hundreds of fans in-game following all the of day's matches and goals as they fly in.

Hi-Lo Live Host

Hi-Lo Live


Take a step back in time with Playtech as the veteran game developers transport you to the height of the 1980s where you’ll join a live game-show style presenter in an enthralling game of higher or lower. 

A beautifully designed neon set is accompanied by a large dial that sits behind the presenter, this dial represents the card the presenter has pulled from the shoe. This unique visual aid makes playing this game feel like you’re actually taking part in a real life game show.