Hi-Lo Live

by Playtech

Take a step back in time with Playtech as they transport you to the 1980s in their fantastic live casino game show title, Hi Lo Live. A charismatic live dealer challenges you to a simple game of higher or lower in a glamorous neon studio.

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9 out of 10
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9 out of 10
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7.5 out of 10

Hi-Lo Live Facts & Stats

Release date: 1st Jul 2019 Provider: Playtech
Game type: Card Games Game category: Game Shows
RTP: 96% - 96.67% Max payout: £1,000
Min bet: £0.20 Max bet: £1000
Special bets: Yes Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Hi-Lo Live?

Hi-Lo is an immersive 1980s themed live casino game show style game from Playtech that puts an innovative new twist on what is a classic and much loved table game. 

A glamorous and elaborately dressed live dealer starts the game by dealing a single card and the player simply must bet on whether the next card they pull will be higher or lower. 

Behind the dealer is a large neon dial that is constantly ticking back and forth between all of the possible cards that the dealer could pull, this dial is purely cosmetic and is a visual representation of which card has been selected next, it certainly gives the game much more of an exciting game-show feel in our opinion.

Betting options

Players have several options outside of betting on just higher or lower as the name suggests, in fact, there are ten different betting options, which for a simple game of higher or lower is pretty impressive in our opinion. 

Those betting on whether a card will be higher or lower will notice that the odds fluctuate based on the value of the current card in play, for example if you the dealer has pulled 3 out of the shoe then you shouldn’t expect a very large payout for betting on the next card to be higher.

If players want to take a lucrative risk they can choose to bet on the dealer to pull an identical value card from the shoe rather than one that is higher or lower. Those that do so successfully can enjoy a x12.06 return on their initial stake.

Aside from these betting options players can also bet on the following: 

  • Whether the card card will be red - Returns x1.92
  • Whether the card will be black - Returns x1.92
  • Whether the card will be an Ace - Returns x11.56
  • Whether the card will be an Ace or King - Returns x5.78
  • Whether the card will be 2, 3, 4 or 5 - Returns x2.89
  • Whether the card will be 6, 7, 8 or 9 - Returns x2.89
  • Whether the card will be Jack, Queen, King or Ace - Returns x2.89

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