Dice Live Casino Game Shows

Live casino game show dice games have only recently hit casino lobbies, and we truly can't get enough of them! This unique and highly lucrative new game genre is has us on the edge of seats every time the dice are released.

What are Live Casino Dice Game Shows?

Live casino dice games in general all follow one very simple premise, players must correctly predict what the outcome of a dice roll with be.

As it stands there is currently only one live casino game show dice game available to play at online casinos, Lightning Dice, developed by Evolution Gaming. Lightning Dice is the live casino game show genre's first unique dice game that stands worlds apart from traditional dice games such as craps and sic bo thanks to the game's elaborate design and enthusiastic and charismatic live game show style host.

Considering the popularity of this game we fully expect more dice games to be developed and released in the not-so-distant future. 

Lightning Dice Host

Lightning Dice

Evolution Gaming

Lightning Dice from Evolution Gaming is without a doubt one of the most unique live casino game show games available to play at online casinos across the internet. It looks fantastic, is easy-to-understand and most importantly offers huge wins. 

This art-deco themed game sees a live presenter pull a lever every 30 seconds, sending three dice tumbling down a tower and into a tray at the bottom. 

Players are tasked with predicting what the combined number of all three dice will be when they land at the bottom. What makes this game particularly appealing is the lightning multipliers. Before every round a select number of outcomes will be multiplied up to 1000x meaning this game has some serious potential to pay out big.