Blackjack Live Casino Game Shows

Nothing beats the thrill of taking on the dealer in a game of blackjack, that is until now! These new live casino game show variants of blackjack bring a host of lucrative new features to your favourite casino game.

What are Live Blackjack Game Shows? 

It's widely reported that the only form of blackjack players should consider playing when online is live casino blackjack, playing a live variation of the game allows the player to see the cards in real time and ensure they're being shuffled fairly. We think this is an absolutely fair assumption to make and would always encourage players to go for live casino blackjack over anything else.

More often than not you'll find that most casinos have a large number of live blackjack rooms offering a traditional form of blackjack with 7 seats, which limits the number of players that can play at any given time. 

Live casino game show variants of blackjack however, do tend to favour other methods of play that allow unlimited players. Common draw blackjack sees every single player share the same hand, however each individual player makes their own decisions without impacting anyone else. 

Another form of unlimited player blackjack are those that allow players to bet behind one of the 7 players occupying seats. This method comes with more risk though as you have no control whatsoever in deciding whether to hit or stand on cards. The most popular unlimited player blackjack game is without a doubt Evolution Gaming title Blackjack Party which is famous for its laid back, social aspect.

Another popular live casino game show variant of blackjack that we're seeing crop up more and more is side bet blackjack. Side bets are unique additional bets that players can place alongside their normal blackjack bet in order to dramatically boost their winnings if they beat the dealer. Playtech games such as All Bets Blackjack and Kingdoms Rise All bets Blackjack are the go-to within this popular sub-genre.

Kingdoms Rise All Bets Blackjack Host

Kingdoms Rise All Bets Blackjack


Kingdom's Rise All Bets Blackjack takes Playtech's hottest new online slot game series and brings it to a brand new audience within the live online casino scene. This heavily branded fantasy blackjack variant is filled with unique features that makes it stand out amongst other live blackjack games.

Quantum Blackjack Host

Quantum Blackjack


Playtech revolutionised the live casino blackjack landscape when adding Quantum Blackjack to casinos across the Internet. This gripping science-themed title sees the addition of huge multipliers that could potentially end up with players winning 1000x their initial stake. 

Not content with just offering players multipliers Playtech have also thrown in a number of exciting side bets to this 7 seat table for good measure, side bets include: 21 + 3 which brings a three card poker element to the table and Player Pair which rewards those who pull matching cards. 

If you’re a fan of live casino games from Playtech then Quantum Blackjack is a must play title.

Blackjack Party Host

Blackjack Party


Two charismatic live TV-style hosts will welcome you to their one-of-a-kind social blackjack table with open arms if you choose to play Evolution Gaming’s incredibly fun live casino title Blackjack Party.

This is the only game out there to-date that utilises a co-presenter, meaning that players can enjoy and join in with engaging conversation and banter that will have them wanting to remain at the table just for the fantastic conversation! 

This low-stakes blackjack table has just 7 seats, however it gives players the opportunity to bet-behind players, meaning they can play at their own leisurely pace whilst interacting with the game’s presenters.

All Bets Blackjack Host

All Bets Blackjack


Looking for a completely new way to play Vegas-rules blackjack? Playtech’s All Bets Blackjack puts power in the hands of an unlimited number of players, giving them six unique betting options rather than the traditional choice of just a main bet and pairs.

This game has an RTP of 99.58%, offers odds of up to 2000/1 on certain bet-types and the ability to benefit from the dealer’s cards. This exciting, social and immersive live casino blackjack game is well worth your time if you like variety and a healthy dose of social interaction mixed into your gameplay.