Live Casino Game Shows

Combine the thrill of playing live casino games with the glitz, glamour and unrivalled atmosphere of competing in a real-time live game show!

Discover the best live casino game shows and learn how to play them, their facts, stats and strategies!

What are Live Casino Game Shows?

The hottest trend in the casino world right now, live casino game shows are unique TV-style game show games that look to deliver players entertainment first and foremost above everything else. 

Within this exciting new genre you'll find beautifully designed game show sets, engaging and entertaining live presenters and most importantly lucrative, never before seen games filled with thrilling features.

This interactive new method of playing online casino games has quite rightly taken the industry by storm, and as as a result we're seeing a huge number of fantastic new live casino game show titles released on a regular basis.

Here at Lucky Game Shows we've compiled, played and reviewed the best live casino game show titles so that we can give you a taste of what to expect when stepping into this exciting new casino landscape for the very first time.

Monopoly Live Host

Monopoly Live


Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live is without a doubt the best live casino game show game ever made. This incredibly unique hybrid live RNG game mixes the wheel of fortune mechanic from Dream Catcher with a brand new 3D Monopoly bonus round.

Thousands of players from around the globe interact with a charismatic and engaging live game presenter via live chat as they spin the wheel in the hopes of sending Mr. Monopoly to the 3D bonus round. It’s here that thousands of pounds could be won thanks to incredibly generous multipliers, that is of course as long as the dice are on your side.

If you’re looking to play a captivating game that will hold your attention for hours on end, Monopoly Live is certainly the one to play!

Lightning Roulette Host

Lightning Roulette


One of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live casino game show titles, Lightning Roulette throws together the excitement of live European roulette with unique randomly generated lightning multipliers between 50x and 500x in what is one of the biggest commercial successes in the fledgling live casino game show genre.

If you’re lucky enough to have chips placed on a lightning number then this fantastic game show style title can potentially become very profitable, very quickly. If the well designed set, enticing graphics and highly engaging presenters don’t draw you in then the incredibly lucrative multipliers definitely will.

Quantum Roulette Live Host

Quantum Roulette Live


Quantum Roulette is science themed roulette game that offers an incredibly exciting variant of European roulette with an authentic live casino game show feel.

Filled to the brim with multipliers that can range from 50x all the way up to 500x we can’t rate this game highly enough to fans of roulette that want to add a bit of spice to their gameplay. 

Not only are the live presenters entertaining and engaging, but the game is also filled with additional mechanics such as Quantum Boosts and Quantum Leaps which keep things interesting.

Crazy Time Host

Crazy Time


Crazy Time takes your average money-wheel game and cranks the excitement up to 10! This unique carnival-themed live casino game show title is multifaceted and sees players in with the chance of unlocking four exciting bonus games - Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and of course, Crazy Time! 

The base game follows the same concept as Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher, with players betting on the outcome of a 54-segment wheel of fortune. An additional two-reel slot featuring HUGE multipliers and the bonus mini-games truly beef up this game, making it something truly unique that we've never seen before.

If you're into engaging, presenter-led casino games with ultimate interactivity that combines live entertainment with RNG gameplay than this is for you!

The Money Drop Live Host

The Money Drop Live


Prepare yourself for high-octane drama in The Money Drop Live, a live casino game show game like no other!

This epic Playtech title, based on the television series The 100k Drop, sees players tasked with betting on the outcome of a 54-segment wheel of fortune in order to win big cash prizes which they then must then risk on one of four trapdoors. 

Fortune truly favours the brave when playing The Money Drop as daring players can be in with a chance of winning up to 5,000x their stake if they choose to risk their winnings on a single trapdoor across 3 game rounds! 

Monopoly Big Baller Host

Monopoly Big Baller


Evolution is back with another Monopoly live casino game, but this one manages to do the impossible in combining Monopoly with live casino games and bingo. Monopoly Big Baller takes place in a virtual world taking players back to the 1920s.

In a delightful twist, the base game features a bingo game, whilst there are multiple bonus games that can be triggered leading players to the grand Monopoly board. Jump aboard the cruise ship for a wonderful experience led by Uncle Pennybags.

Lightning Dice Host

Lightning Dice


Lightning Dice from Evolution Gaming is without a doubt one of the most unique live casino game show games available to play at online casinos across the internet. It looks fantastic, is easy-to-understand and most importantly offers huge wins. 

This art-deco themed game sees a live presenter pull a lever every 30 seconds, sending three dice tumbling down a tower and into a tray at the bottom. 

Players are tasked with predicting what the combined number of all three dice will be when they land at the bottom. What makes this game particularly appealing is the lightning multipliers. Before every round a select number of outcomes will be multiplied up to 1000x meaning this game has some serious potential to pay out big.

Deal or No Deal Live Host

Deal or No Deal Live


Fans of this timeless television game show will love Evolution Gaming’s engaging multi-layered take on Deal or No Deal. This world first 24/7 live casino game show will captivate and engage you like nothing has before.

After completing a series of mini-games that allow entry into the main game, players are transported to a glamorous studio in which a live host and their assistant take players through a classic game of Deal or No Deal. 

Much like the original hit show players are tasked with opening a number of distinctive red mystery boxes until a final random prize remains in the last box at the end of the game. Can you beat the banker at his own game? 

Dream Catcher Live Host

Dream Catcher Live


Dream Catcher is quite simply one of the most iconic live casino game show games to have ever hit casino lobbies. If you’re looking for a simple game that delivers dose after dose of sheer excitement then you’ll find no better live casino game show game to play than this one.

Join a charismatic game show style host live in their very own purpose built studio where you’ll place bets on which segment you think the wheel will stop on. You could potentially win up to x40 your stake on any given spin, even higher if you're lucky enough to land on a multiplier!

Spin A Win Live Host

Spin A Win Live


Spin A Win is Playtech’s attempt at a live casino game show style Wheel of Fortune game to rival the hugely popular Dream Catcher. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we absolutely loved it, this gripping game expands on the already popular format with a few new features.

As well as having the opportunity to win between 1x and 40x your stake during normal play, Playtech have introduced side bets to this unpredictable game. Side bets allow players the opportunity to bet on odd and even numbers as well as multipliers alongside their normal bet. 

This fresh take on an already incredibly popular genre makes Spin A Win a must play.

Age Of The Gods Roulette Host

Age Of The Gods Roulette


Age of the Gods Roulette brings everyone's favourite online slot game series to life in this fantastic immersive live casino game.

Not only have Playtech designed a fantastic roulette game that throws you into a unique fantasy world themed around ancient gods and mythology, but they have created a game rife with big win potential, offering players the opportunity to win one of four progressive jackpots.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Roulette Host

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Roulette


The popular TV quiz show is back but with a brand-new twist…roulette! Join the table and place your roulette bets with added bonuses such as Millionaire Numbers bringing in multipliers of up to x100 into place.

Fan-favourite modes from the show make an appearance in Millionaire Games with Special Lifelines such as 50:50, Ask the Audience and Ask the Host. Take your seat in the famous chair in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Live Roulette.

Mega Ball Host

Mega Ball


Mega Ball is a truly dazzling presenter-led live casino game show title that offers players a truly unique hybrid of a lottery and bingo.

Players are tasked with striking as many lines from their game cards as possible, the more lines that are struck off by the time all 20 balls have been pulled from the drawing machine, the bigger the win. 

It's the final ball that really matters though, the revered 21st 'Mega Ball' is drawn at the end of the game round alongside a random multiplier between 5x and 100x. If the Mega Ball forms a winning payline player's winnings are multiplied accordingly, potentially netting them up to 1,000,000x their stake! 

Boom City Host

Boom City

Pragmatic Play

It’s time for a brand-new type of live entertainment game show with Boom City. This game uses a grid of 36 squares in a row of six with two coloured dice determining what the player wins. Players will be in for an experience unlike anything else with Boom City. 

The grid contains prize squares, bonus round squares, bust squares and power-up squares with no fixed number for each square meaning that every spin is different. Each playthrough has two phases with the first placing bets and the second being the result. This revolutionary live casino game creates a unique and appealing experience for all types of players.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Host

Dead or Alive: Saloon


Developed by Evolution, Dead or Alive: Saloon is a card-guessing game with unique bonuses, an entertaining Wild West atmosphere and an immersive bounty hunt bonus game. In order to play, all you need to do is predict the cards that will be played next.

A deck consists of 52 standard cards and 52 bonus cards which are shuffled after each game. Once betting is over, the presenter draws cards from the deck until a standard card is drawn ending the round. Surviving the showdown can even lead up to wins of up to £500,000 - so what are you waiting for?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Host

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Pragmatic Play

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a live casino game developed by Pragmatic Play and inspired by the Sweet Bonanza online slot. In this game, you’ll find yourself transported to a candy dreamland with a wheel at the centre of all the wins.

If you’ve played Crazy Time or Dream Catcher, then you’ll be familiar with the wheel concept that host 54 segments in the hopes of landing tasty cash wins, multipliers, Sweet Spins and Candy Drop.

Everybody's Jackpot Live Host

Everybody's Jackpot Live


Step into the TV studio of Everybody’s Jackpot Live which delivers exciting features in the form of two live jackpots as well as four fun-filled mini-games such as Free Games, Walter’s Bubble Bar, Pick Me and The Block.

Based on the popular online slot, this live adaptation brings in a wonderful host to guide players throughout to deliver an experience unlike any other. Everybody’s Jackpot Live is the perfect game for jackpot hunters wanting a live casino game experience.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Host

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live


Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is a truly bizarre live casino game show title developed by Playtech that sees players transported to a strange world that's dominated by quirky characters and big money wins!

This money wheel game follows a similar concept to Crazy Time and Monopoly Live in that a charismatic host spins a 54 segment wheel of fortune in the hope of landing a lucrative bonus feature that can see players trigger HUGE multipliers.

If you've enjoyed playing Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Crazy Time and Spin A Win Live over the years then Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live absolutely has to be the next live casino game you play!

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live Host

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live


Gonzo's Quest Treasure Hunt sees legendary Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro (commonly known as Gonzo) make his live casino game show debut thanks to the partnership between Evolution and online slot developer NetEnt.

This easy-to-understand pick and click game tasks players with entering the lost city of El Dorado with Gonzo and an enthusiastic live casino game show host where they must correctly predict the location of treasure stones on a 7x10 game grid. 

Players can win 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x and 65x their stake... However, Gonzo's Prize Drop can see these prizes multiplied greatly with the maximum prize on offer climbing up to 20,000x the player's stake!    

Hi-Lo Live Host

Hi-Lo Live


Take a step back in time with Playtech as the veteran game developers transport you to the height of the 1980s where you’ll join a live game-show style presenter in an enthralling game of higher or lower. 

A beautifully designed neon set is accompanied by a large dial that sits behind the presenter, this dial represents the card the presenter has pulled from the shoe. This unique visual aid makes playing this game feel like you’re actually taking part in a real life game show. 

Blackjack Party Host

Blackjack Party


Two charismatic live TV-style hosts will welcome you to their one-of-a-kind social blackjack table with open arms if you choose to play Evolution Gaming’s incredibly fun live casino title Blackjack Party.

This is the only game out there to-date that utilises a co-presenter, meaning that players can enjoy and join in with engaging conversation and banter that will have them wanting to remain at the table just for the fantastic conversation! 

This low-stakes blackjack table has just 7 seats, however it gives players the opportunity to bet-behind players, meaning they can play at their own leisurely pace whilst interacting with the game’s presenters.

Spread Bet Roulette Host

Spread Bet Roulette


Want to play classic live casino roulette with some brand new mechanics thrown into the mix? Spread Bet Roulette is an immersive variation of this timeless game that brings a brand new game-show style element into play that completely revolutionises live casino roulette.

An additional digital roulette wheel accompanies the physical main game wheel, upon being spun the winning number on the additional wheel is added to the winning number on the physical wheel. These numbers added together make a spread bet total. 

Players can either individually bet on 7 different spread betting options or bet on these alongside their standard straight up bets with payouts ranging from evens (1/1) to 400/1.  

Mega Roulette Host

Mega Roulette

Pragmatic Play

Sometimes it helps to update a classic game and enhance it to make it even better. That’s exactly what Pragmatic Play has done with Mega Roulette as they’ve taken the winning formula of roulette and added multipliers, features and win chances to elevate it.

Up to five multipliers can randomly be applied to straight-up bets during each spin and these multipliers can be between x50 to x500. There are Mega Bets that use Mega Chances, Columns and Dozens making it easier to find these Mega Multipliers.

Fashion TV Mega Party Host

Fashion TV Mega Party


Created by Playtech in collaboration with Fashion TV Gaming Group, this live casino money wheel game features cash prizes and special bonuses including Lucky DJ, Dance Floor, Laser Show or the Mega Party, leading to massive wins.

There are 54 different options on the Fashion TV Mega Party money wheel. All of this paired with stylish visuals and charismatic hosts makes Fashion TV Mega Party a live casino game not to be missed.

Mega Wheel Host

Mega Wheel

Pragmatic Play

Mega Wheel is a live casino game developed by Pragmatic Play and inspired by the popular Money Wheel titles such as Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live and Dream Catcher Live. You’ll find yourself in your own TV game show with a set of engaging presenters to keep you entertained throughout.

There are 54 possible outcomes on the wheel with a Mega Lucky Number giving you the chance to win up to 500x your stake. If you want a Money Wheel game with a state-of-the-art studio with dynamic colours, animations and engaging gameplay, then check out Mega Wheel.

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw Host

Deal or No Deal The Big Draw


Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is a presenter-led live casino game show game that sees players purchase bingo-style tickets that correspond with 16 suitcases (one of which belongs to you personally) that each contain hidden cash prizes. 

As balls are pulled from a lottery-style machine they're matched up with the suitcases on-screen, which are then removed from the game entirely.

When all the balls have been drawn the banker will call, offering each player a unique a set amount of cash based on the value of the suitcases remaining in the game, just like in the real show! Players can choose to take his offer or continue playing in the hope of finding a big prize in the final suitcase.