Fashion TV Mega Party

by Playtech

Fashion TV Gaming Group has partnered with Playtech to deliver a money wheel live casino game that is overflowing with style. With a charismatic host, dazzling visuals and a huge selection of features throughout. The aim of the Fashion TV Mega Party is to land big wins or trigger one of the features leading to wins of up to 1,000x stake.

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Fashion TV Mega Party Facts & Stats

Release date: 28th Sep 2022 Provider: Playtech
Game type: Money Wheel Game category: Game Shows, Money Wheel
RTP: 95.56 Max payout: 1,000x stake
Min bet: 0.10 Max bet: 5000.00
Special bets: Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Fashion TV Mega Party?

After seeing the success of The Money Drop Live and Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live, Playtech decided to create a brand-new Money Wheel game with Fashion TV Mega Party. This is the second collaboration between Playtech and Fashion TV Gaming Group, following Fashion TV Dragon Jackpot Baccarat, which only became a modest success.

The Fashion TV brand started life as a fashion television channel in 1997 but really became popular after the success of the ‘I Want To Be A Trillionaire” song by Fashion TV star Anja J. This led to the online slot Trillionaire as well as the FashionTV Highlife game showcasing just how ingrained the brand already was in the iGaming scene.

However, Fashion TV Mega Party looks to be the biggest release from Fashion TV Gaming Group yet. This Money Wheel game contains 54 different options that the wheel can land on with 4 of these being bonus rounds. All players must do is bet on specific numbers or bonus rounds and hope that this leads to a massive win.

How to play Fashion TV Mega Party?

When the game loads up, there are 8 different options to bet on with 1, 2, 5, 10, Laser Show, Lucky DJ, Dance Floor and Mega Win. There is even an option to double the bet to try and win even more.

If the wheel lands on the numbered symbols, then cash prizes are awarded. However, if the wheel lands on the features, then the specific feature is triggered.

Laser Show

When the mini-game is triggered, a disco ball of 8 rows of tiles appears on the screen. You will then navigate through the rows from top to bottom with all players taking the same path.

An example of the Laser Show feature

The path is randomly chosen by the game and marked with arrows. During the game, there are multipliers of up to x75 and boosters throughout the game.

Lucky DJ

As soon as this feature is triggered, there are three record players placed on the screen that players can choose from. These desks will spin and randomly choose a multiplier to be awarded.

Dance Floor

There are 13 diamonds in the dance floor mini-game. Each of the diamonds has hidden multipliers and all the multipliers are randomly shuffled.

You must then choose your dance tile aka one of the diamonds. The game will reveal all the multipliers and award you the prize.

Mega Party

The big event in this live casino game is Mega Party. Every once in a while, the Mega Party starts and all the bets are enhanced. The Mega Win bet is put up to 1,000x the stake.

Is Fashion TV Mega Party worth playing? 

Like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get with each host. We had some experiences with terrible hosts who barely put in any effort in their appearances or with interacting with players, whilst we also had professionals that were looking excellent and also interacting with players.

As for the set design, it looks like it is done to a high standard with different props on the stage (such as a DJ deck) and a dance floor. The slot is definitely going for party vibes and certainly delivers with the visuals and with the techno beat throughout. Our only criticism of the audio was that the dialogue from the hosts sometimes cut out and felt distorted at times.

A playthrough showcasing the base game

The experience of Fashion TV Mega Party absolutely depends on the host that you get. As previously mentioned, there are some that are wonderful and an absolute credit to Playtech, whilst there are others that do not feel happy to be there and it will put you off.

Fashion TV Mega Party is definitely a solid game wheel that is perfect for players looking for an action-packed slot. The concept is not new, but the execution does feel quite refreshing with the different features. However, the full experience does depend on the host which can make or break your experience.

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