Deal or No Deal Live

by Evolution

Go head to head with the banker in Evolution Gaming's Deal or No Deal Live. This popular live casino game show world-first will have players feeling like they're actually on the set of the world famous television show.

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Rated 4.75 / 5
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
10 out of 10
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Deal or No Deal Live Facts & Stats

Release date: 1st May 2019 Provider: Evolution
Game type: TV Game Shows Game category: Game Shows
RTP: 95.42% Max payout: N/A
Min bet: £0.10 Max bet: £1,800
Special bets: Yes Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live is arguably the crown jewel of Evolution Gaming’s branded live casino offering, and for good reason. Upon release this engaging multi-layered game was the world’s first 24-hour online live game show.

At the heart of it, this game is a carbon copy of world-renowned television game show of the same name, you can expect all the anticipation and excitement of watching the boxes open to reveal whether or not you’ve won big money and beat the banker! 

However, it has to be said that this game can be quite daunting to new players at first, because there are a few more mechanics to it then you’d expect, as this game is split into three parts. 

The most important thing to be aware of when playing this game is that players actually need to qualify for the main game via a paid-for mini-game before they can take play the traditional Deal or No Deal game, however you should be able to get into the main game fairly easily with very little cost attached. 

Deal or No Deal Live RTP

The overall Return to Player (RTP) for Deal or No Deal Live is 95.42%, which isn't the greatest, especially when compared to other live casino games such a live casino roulette and live casino blackjack that have much higher RTP percentages.

Whilst this game is incredibly fun, engaging and has all the hallmarks of a classic live casino game show game, it's not one that you should play for hours on end if you want to maintain your bankroll. 

Deal or No Deal Live Studio

We think it's fair to say that Evolution Gaming have absolutely nailed recreating the unique atmosphere and grandeur of Deal or No Deal by accurately building an incredible studio that looks like it wouldn't be out of place on television.

The Deal or No Deal Live Studios is dimly lit and adorned with red LED mood lighting which really adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. 

The game briefcases are spread across 4 rows, rather than open each briefcase one at a time the hosts assistant opens an entire row of briefcases at once, making for a much faster game that only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

At the front of the studio sits a plinth which plays host to the two most iconic and important features of the game... A black telephone which allows the host to receive calls from 'The Banker' and the players original briefcase that holds the end-game prize (Unless you choose to switch!).

How does Deal or No Deal qualification work?

You have two minutes to line up three gold bands on a wheel in a gold position. Each spin costs money and the higher you set your stake, the higher the value of the prizes in the main Deal or No Deal game. 

If you wish to speed up the process you can change the setting from normal to easy or very easy, which locks in the gold bands before you spin. Doing so will increase the cost of the overall spin bet without changing the value of the prizes in the main game. 

It’s important to keep count of how much you’re spending at this point as technically, there’s no return on investment during this round and it can take a while to get into the game. Plus, once you know how much you’ve invested to get into the game you’re able to set a target on which boxes you’ll need in order to make a profit. 

Topping up your boxes

Once you’ve gotten past the qualifying round you’re given the opportunity to top up the boxes in the main game. You can select the box, select a stake and spin the wheel once more. This time however it’ll land on a monetary figure, for example, if you were to stake £1 and the wheel landed on 10 then £10 would be added to the box you selected. 

Playing the main Deal or No Deal Live game

Once you’ve navigated the initial two-stages you’ll be taken to the main Deal or No Deal Live game which is presented by a host alongside their assistant who will open the boxes as the game progresses. 

The game plays out very much like the original television show, however within just 2 minutes rather than an hour. Each round the assistant will open a row of either three or four boxes, leaving the player with whatever is left over. However, in-between each round you will be shown an offer from the banker based on which prizes are still active within the game. 

If you don’t accept any offers from the banker then you’ll have to ride out the game like in real life. When it comes down to the final two boxes you can either take the one on the host’s table or you can swap it for the very last briefcase. 

Once you’ve picked which one to go with then it’ll be opened and whatever awaits inside is how much you’ll win in total.

What payouts are associated with each briefcase?

Each briefcase holds a specific value dependent on your initial stake at the start of the game as well as a payout multiplier attached to it, these are as follows: 

Briefcase 1 Contains 0.10x initial stake
Briefcase 2 Contains 0.20x initial stake
Briefcase 3 Contains 0.50x initial stake
Briefcase 4 Contains 0.70x initial stake
Briefcase 5 Contains 1x initial stake
Briefcase 6 Contains 2x initial stake
Briefcase 7 Contains 3x initial stake
Briefcase 8 Contains 5x initial stake
Briefcase 9 Contains 8x initial stake
Briefcase 10 Contains 10x initial stake
Briefcase 11 Contains 12x initial stake
Briefcase 12 Contains 15x initial stake
Briefcase 13 Contains 20x initial stake
Briefcase 14 Contains 25x initial stake
Briefcase 15 Contains 50x initial stake
Briefcase 16 Contains 65x - 500x initial stake

It's well worth remembering that you have the opportunity to boost the value of the overall prize in each briefcase during the qualification stage of the game. The values that you see in the table above are those you receive at the start of the game.

Deal or No Deal Live strategy

There are several different ways players can approach playing Deal or No Deal Live, however after multiple play-throughs it seems that the most consistent and profitable strategy is ultimately one of the most boring strategies if we're being completely honest.

Unless you've gotten off to an extraordinary state in which you've only lost low value blue briefcases then we'd highly recommend taking the dealers offer early on in the game as this is your only guaranteed means of making a guaranteed profit. 

Always keep a record of how much money you've spent in the qualification rounds, as this is not tracked in game. This way you can work out whether or not the bankers offer is more than what you've spent in total.

If you do happen to have a disproportionate number of high paying briefcases left in the game towards the end of the game then we'd certainly recommend playing till the end, however there is always the risk that you'll get the lowest value box. So play this way at your own peril! 

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