Quantum Roulette Live

by Playtech

Playtech's Quantum Roulette brings an exciting new twist on live casino roulette. Every round a random selection of numbers have lucrative multipliers of up to 500x added to them, meaning this game could pay out some life-changing sums of money.

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Quantum Roulette Live Facts & Stats

Release date: 1st Sep 2019 Provider: Playtech
Game type: Roulette Game category: Game Shows
RTP: 97.30% Max payout: N/A
Min bet: £0.20 Max bet: £25
Special bets: No Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Quantum Roulette?

Released in 2019 as part of their growing live casino game show portfolio, Quantum Roulette is Playtech’s answer to Evolution’s popular game, Lightning Roulette. 

Quantum Rolette is an exciting variant of European Roulette that utilises a auto-slingshot wheel allowing the presenter to deliver players an entertainment driven experience, giving the game a more interactive game-show feel. 

Playtech have designed a visually stunning live studio to house this exciting game. As is to be expected, the theming for Quantum Roulette is based around science - Quantum physics to be precise. The studio is neon blue with plenty of stars, wormholes and atoms!

A maximum of five random numbers are selected every single round to have a RNG multiplier applied upon them. These multipliers can range from 50x all the way up to 500x.

There are two major mechanics that make Quantum Roulette stand out from competitor Lightning Roulette. The first is the Quantum Boost, which randomly adds another 50x to one of the already selected multipliers. The other mechanic is Quantum Leap, which can randomly double or triple any of the already selected multipliers up to a maximum of 500x.

Betting options

Betting options mirror a standard European Roulette game, players can make straight up bets, split bets as well standard outside bets. Players can also use the racetrack to place spread bets quickly and efficiently.

It should be noted that if you bet on a straight up number that does not have a multiplier applied to it you will be paid out with odds of 29/1 rather the standard European Roulette payout of 35/1, it’s this house edge allows Playtech to offer such lucrative multipliers.

Quantum Roulette Betting strategies

It seems the best strategy when playing Quantum Roulette is to stick to spread betting on straight up numbers, the multipliers make this the best option, especially considering that multipliers don’t apply on split bets or on outside bets. 

If we are being honest thought he 500x multipliers are few and far between, so if you do want to prolong your gameplay then bet low, if you’re going on the hunt for huge multipliers you could be waiting for some while. That said, if you’re coming into this game with a large bankroll that you aren’t afraid to spend then you shouldn’t have too many issues with this game.

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