Dead or Alive: Saloon

by Evolution

Since the release of the Dead or Alive 2 slot in 2019, players have been dying to go back to the Wild West. Thankfully, Evolution listened to create the immersive Dead or Alive: Saloon. This allows players to relax at the famous Saloon whilst playing a unique card-guessing game to secure wins of up to £500,000.

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8 out of 10
8 out of 10
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Dead or Alive: Saloon Facts & Stats

Release date: 30th Nov 2022 Provider: Evolution
Game type: Card Games Game category: Game Shows
RTP: 97.02 Max payout: £500,000
Min bet: 0.10 Max bet: 500.00
Special bets: No Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Following on from the popular slot series, Evolution’s Dead or Alive: Saloon takes players back into the Wild West. With this slot, you can immerse yourself into the boisterous world on the frontier with the game taking place in a saloon.

As for the gameplay, this live casino game is incredibly easy to play. All you have to do is guess the next card correctly in order to win big. Throughout your experience, you’ll have a charming host to guide you paired with dazzling visuals.

Whilst this game may be simple, it’s clear that this game will delight both live casino players and fans of the original slots. 

How to play Dead or Alive: Saloon?

Before the round starts, you’ll be asked to place a bet on a card. The goal is to bet which card you think will be revealed. Thankfully, you can set bets to specific colours, numbers or even all of them.

Each game is played with a deck consisting of 104 cards with the cards split between standard and bonus. The bonus cards contain doubles, bounty cards and multiplier cards. If a double is drawn, then the existing win potential is doubled. However, it’s worth mentioning that the double card does not affect the value of future bonus cards.

The most exciting moment in this slot is when the bounty card is drawn. This is when the bonus round is played. For each Bounty Hunt Bonus, you’ll be presented with three targets with each holding a hidden multiplier which can go up to x200. You then get the option to shoot to determine which one is played.

Is Dead or Alive: Saloon worth playing?

When we started playing Dead or Alive: Saloon, we had high hopes for the game. For the most part, Evolution delivered a solid card game that managed to grab our attention. There’s no denying just how simple this game is to play. All you need to do is bet on a card and hope it appears - that’s all there is to it. It’s entirely straightforward whilst still retaining a huge amount of suspense.

Unfortunately, it can get a little repetitive after a while. This could’ve easily been improved by multiple bonus rounds, but sadly that’s not the case. There is only one bonus round with Bounty Hunt Bonus. Unfortunately, this is a quick pick-and-click game that ends as soon as it begins. We were hoping for something a little more interesting and think that Evolution could have done better in this aspect.

One thing that we did love was the set design. The developers definitely nailed the Wild West theme with the saloon. There are old-fashioned pictures, animal carcases, cowboy hats, gas lamps and many other little items that add up to create a real experience. We especially loved the visual outside the window being of Dead or Alive 2. Even the audio was incredible with a soft score throughout paired with crisp audio from the hosts.

Speaking of the hosts, this was our let down in the game. For the most part, they were polite and clear throughout but felt a bit lifeless. On one of our playthroughs, we had one basically wearing a cheap Halloween costume which just didn’t match the visuals. We were also hopeful that these hosts would at least attempt an American accent to fit in with the Wild West visuals.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with Dead or Alive: Saloon. It’s refreshing to find a live casino game that is easy to pick up and play without being too dull. Evolution has clearly put in a lot of effort to deliver something spectacular to players with the design but sadly that does not compensate for the experience we had with the hosts. Hopefully, in your playthrough, you’ll encounter livelier hosts, but we definitely recommend giving this game a try if you haven’t already!

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