Football Studio

by Evolution

Looking to chat about that big Premier League result from weekend or watch the scores come in live whilst playing cards? Evolution Gaming's revolutionary Football Studio mixes a game of Higher or Lower with 24/7 sports news from a knowledgeable dealer to make the ultimate sports/betting hybrid.

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Football Studio Facts & Stats

Release date: 1st Jun 2018 Provider: Evolution
Game type: Card Games Game category: Immersive, Sports
RTP: Home/Away: 96.27%
Draw: 82.17%
Max payout: £20,000
(£10,000 on Home or Away @ 1/1)
Min bet: £1.00 Max bet: £1,000
Special bets: No Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Football Studio?

Released in 2018 in time for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Football Studio is a live casino game in which players have to pick which side (Home or away) will be dealt the higher hand card by the dealer. 

A winning bet on either of the two sides pays out even money, whereas correctly picking neither and going for a draw pays out 11/1. 

Behind the dealer will be able to see a large scoreboard which keeps track of the current score over the last five hands, players needn’t worry about this as it’s purely cosmetic. 

There are no other mechanics for players to worry about whatsoever other than correctly picking one of these three choices, it really is that simple.

Why do people choose to play Football Studio?

You might be wondering why so many people choose to play Football Studio considering that it’s such a simple game with odds that aren’t particularly game-changing? Well, the unique selling point of this game is the game’s host and the live chat. 

The table is considered the live casino’s go-to destination for players that wish to come and talk about all things football with like-minded players and the dealer who keeps the conversation football related by talking through the latest football headlines and rumours.

The main focus of the dealers in Football Studio is understandably the English Premier League as it’s the biggest, most recognisable league on the planet, however, you can also expect conversation around the La Liga, the Champions League and International football.

Can players watch live football on Football Studio? 

Player cannot watch live football matches within the Football Studio game itself, however if you happen to be playing on a match day then the latest scores will be flash by the screen in the lower left hand corner of the screen. 

Underneath the latest scores is a live ticker with all the latest football news that scrolls by 24/7. 

The dealer will also have one eye keenly on every major match and will update players on the scores as the goals fly in across Europe’s top leagues. 

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