The best Dream Catcher strategies

The best way to make money playing Evolution's Dream Catcher

Who doesn't love the glitz, glamour and sheer excitement associated with Evolution Gaming's popular live casino game Dream Catcher

This popular online casino world first gives players the opportunity to win 280x their initial stake with just a simple spin of the money-wheel... What's not to love about that? 

We'll be completely honest, there is no sure fire way to beat the system when it comes to playing Dream Catcher, as there is always going to be a house edge... That said, you can still be fortunate enough to hit a big on multipliers. and we're going to show you how to best to go about that.

We've spent a considerable amount of time playing this exciting live casino game show game we think we've found the simplest and best dream catcher strategies that will result in you extending your bankroll and potentially seeing some big wins assuming lady luck is on your side.

1) Higher odds, higher risk betting

Spreading your bet across 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x segments is a good strategy to start out with, albeit slightly riskier than the other strategies covered in this article. 

There's no denying that the vast majority of the segments on Dream Catcher's money-wheel are 1x which appears 23 times in total and 2x which appears 15 times in total... But the return from placing any bets on these segments is minuscule, especially if you are only betting small, our chart below shows the returns from a £5 bet placed on each of the higher segment.

Wheel Segment Return from £5
5x £25
10x £50
20x £100
40x £200

If you were to place £5 on each of the highest four segments (With a bet totalling £20) and one of the four come in, you're always going to make a minimum of £5 profit. 

Admittedly, It's a risky strategy to follow, however, if you're feeling confident and have the bankroll to sustain this for at least a handful of wheel spins then you should hopefully begin to see the profit roll in.

2) Methodical, slow and safe betting

This method is specifically aimed at those that wish to maintain their bankroll, it's not exactly the most exciting way of playing... However, it'll potentially keep you playing for a much longer time than our first strategy on this list. 

This strategy is the exact opposite of the higher odds, higher risk betting strategy we outlined above. Here, you'll spread your bets across the 1 and 2 segments meaning your coverage across the wheel is far greater than if you were betting on the higher segments.

If you exclusively bet on 1x and 2x you'll find you've covered 38 of the possible 54 segments of the money-wheel. You can slowly build up your bankroll, especially if you manage to hit a multiplier... However, you may rue your chances if you see a multiplied 20x or 40x come in.

3) All in for big returns

Our final strategy is betting specifically on the 20x and 40x segments and nothing else. Again, just like our first strategy, this strategy comes with the considerable risk, the highest risk of all three strategies in fact. 

You're only covering 3 segments out of a possible 54, it isn't going to be easy... However, IF you're lucky enough to see this come in then you're going to be making a comfortable profit. 

Which Dream Catcher strategy is the best?

Out of the three Dream Catcher strategies we've outlined in this article we'd recommend using the first, higher odds, higher risk betting.

It's most likely to return the highest profit without burning through your bankroll too quickly, however you do go for this strategy and find that you're having no luck then there's certainly no harm in switching to our second method.

If you're brave enough and have the bankroll available to play with then it could be worth going going all in, at least for a couple of spins.