World record x6400 multiplier lands on Monopoly Live

World record Monopoly Live win sees players win over 4 million Euros

On Wednesday 19th February a number of very lucky players received the payout of a lifetime when Monopoly Live landed a world record multiplier of x6400 during the bonus round. 

The popular live casino game show title from veteran developers Evolution Gaming paid out a whopping total of €4,063,417 (£3,401,019) to just 478 players.

Rather unfortunately, our win isn't quite as impressive as the life changing x6400 multiplier some players enjoyed recently.

How did such a large multiplier happen? 

Normally players hitting a standard 2 roll or 4 roll bonus round can expect multipliers between x10 and x40, nothing spectacular, but enough to gift players with a decent payout.

On this occasion a succession of freak Monopoly Live wheel rolls saw the wheel land on a chance card which added an 8x multiplier to the next spin, which then yielded another chance card gifting players a 10x multiplier meaning that the next roll would have an incredible x80 multiplier applied.

Unbelievably the following roll led to 4 rolls, the best possible outcome... However the luck hadn't run dry just yet as the very first roll of the four led to double six, increasing the 4 roll to a 5 roll bonus round. 

As Mr. Monopoly made his way around the board he landed on 400x, 1600x, 3200x, 400x passing go doubling everything on the board before ending on 800x. Players in the live chat could be seen shouting 'We're going to be rich', 'I'm crying' and plenty of OMGs.

Who are the biggest winners playing Monopoly Live?

Without revealing their casino usernames there were six standout players that were lucky to win over a million euros between them. 

The top winner on this hugely lucrative bonus round placed a total stake of €69.50 on the 4 roll in order to win nearly half a million euros in the bonus round of Monopoly Live.

The biggest wins in order of how much they won are as follows: 

  1. €444,719
  2. €160,025 
  3. 148,239 
  4. €124,483
  5. €118,591
  6. €106,732