Evolution Gaming close Tblisi studio amidst COVID19 pandemic

Global COVID-19 pandemic leads to temporary studio closure

Evolution Gaming have announced they are to immediately close their Tbilisi live casino studio as a temporary measure in the fight against COVID-19.

As a result of this their workforce will be significantly reduced, however a large part of their operations will continue through the company's other studios across Europe. 

As it stands this means that there will be no major disruption to a number of their live casino game show titles and other live casino games.   

Evolution studio adheres to current guidelines

A press release by Evolution Gaming stated that their Georgian studio adheres to current guidelines regarding social distancing as a result of the global outbreak, and the company has taken an extensive number of infection prevention measures in the studio to avoid further spread. 

They followed this by reiterating that they're in close contact with local authorities in order to verify the measures they've taken in order to be able to reopen the studio. 

The situation is developing, and Evolution will adapt continuously. 

Will Evolution Gaming's live casino games still be available during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

As it currently stands Evolution Gaming will continue to offer players their full range of live casino games. 

Evolution operates studios in 8 locations around the globe, so whilst one studio has been temporarily closed, other studios remain open elsewhere.