The best Lightning Roulette strategy

The best way to make money playing Evolution's Lightning Roulette

Looking to win money playing lightning roulette from developer Evolution Gaming? This popular live casino game show title is a must-play favourite for many casino enthusiasts due to its incredibly inviting multipliers.

It's well worth noting that common roulette strategies such as the Martingale strategy and Fibonacci strategy will NOT work when playing lightning roulette, this is because these strategies rely on you playing even money bets, which isn't possible in this variant of roulette.

That's exactly why we've sat down and racked our brains to find the very best method in order to win money playing Lightning Roulette. We hope you find this betting strategy fruitful! 

What is the best lightning roulette strategy?

Having played countless hours of lightning roulette in order to find the very best strategy, we think we've come across one that does work well... However, like any betting strategy it does come with a considerable risk.

The strategy couldn't be simpler, just cover every single number... However, if you're going to follow this strategy you need to make sure you've got a bankroll that's able to cover it, and that you're comfortable losing £6 a spin at the most.

As the odds for a straight up bet on Lightning Roulette are 29/1, assuming you're placing £1 chips on every single number you'll find that you'll always win £30 back from a £36 bet... Of course we're not playing for a £6 loss are we? We're playing for a big multiplier win! 

Long time fans of lightning roulette will be well aware that the biggest multiplier in the game is a tasty 500x multiplier that will net you an impressive £501 if it comes in. 

How much do multipliers return? 

Assuming that you're placing £1 on every single number, landing a multiplier will return the following amount.

50x £51
100x £101
200x £201
300x £301
400x £401
500x £501

Of course, this strategy only works if you manage to successfully hit a lightning number during your play time, you can see from the chart below that in just over 40 spins lightning numbers came in the roulette ball had landed on a one 150x, two 100x and two 50x numbers. During this passage of play we also saw a 300x and 200x win not long after, so as long as you have a bankroll big enough to sustain your spins then the multiplier winning potential can be high. 

Is this a viable Lightning Roulette betting strategy? 

Ultimately yes, it is a viable betting strategy and can most certainly pay off, however... It should only be followed if you do have the bankroll to cover your losing spins when you're only winning £30. 

We'll make no secrets about it, it's a long-game strategy and you'll find yourself floating around and going up and down as you play, as long as you have the time and energy to see this through then it could most certainly be worth it. 

If you are lucky enough to hit that 500x multiplier early on then you'll have a game-changing amount of money to continue playing with, you may well want to take your winnings and withdraw or play elsewhere. Regardless of what you choose to do, be sure to thank us on your way out!